Direct Care Staffing

Community Assistance Services, Inc. (C.A.S., Inc.) has been in business since 1996. We are a consulting firm for residential care facilities. Being that we have assisted countless facilities in getting licensed, we thought it a natural transition to offer staffing. We started the job placement wing of our business due to the growing need for quality residential care. Our goal is to offer trained, certified and capable AM, PM and live-in staff. We hope to serve you by eliminating issues of inept staff and the high turn over that many facilities encounter. C.A.S., Inc. understands that a facilities license, reputation and standing is as fragile as its weakest employee. We created this service not only to reduce the risk and liability, but to offer the quality care clients/consumers deserve.

About Our Services
C.A.S. Inc. carefully screens our applicants and employers to ensure employment needs are filled with minimum concern. As a placement service, we offer direct placement for a one time fee to the employer. For this fee we ensure:

  • Fingerprints (or associate employee prints with your facility)
  • Certification in First Aid and CPR
  • Health Screening & TB test
  • Special Driving Certificate (if needed)
  • DSP/Challenge Test (Year I and/or Year II if needed)
  • P.A.R.T. Training (if needed) or CPI
  • Orientation
  • Fluency in Titles 17 & 22
  • Education on licensing forms and requirements

As a general service agency, we select the most qualified individuals to cover your facility with Administrator placements and professional positions together with facility managers, clerical support, labor and direct care staff.

Other Products
Other service that C.A.S., Inc. can offer you are Program Design Writing (for ARF, SFH, ADC & RCFE’s), Application Assistance, First Aid and CPR Certifications, Incorporations, By-Laws/Resolutions, Corporate Legal Binders, Surety Bonds, Tax Id Numbers, In-Service training, Service Level Request, copies of the Lantermans Act, Title 17, Title 22, Policies, Procedures, menus and consulting.