Full Service Consulting

Community Assistance Services, Inc. (C.A.S., Inc.) has been in business since 1996. We are a consulting firm for residential care facilities. Being that we have assisted a countless number of facilities in getting licensed, we thought it a natural transition to offer additional full service options.

Program Design Writing
C.A.S., Inc. has made its name writing program designs for Adult Residential Facilities (ARF’s), Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE’s), Small Family Homes (SFH’s), Adult Day Care’s (ADC’s) and Mentally Ill Facilities. Our services are personalized and include each item necessary for licensing: application assistance, Surety Bonds, Articles of Incorporation, Tax Id’s, By-Laws, Resolutions, Community Care Licensing (CCL) Forms, In-Service trainings, Policies, Procedures, and Program Designs adherent to Title 22 and or Title 17. Our mobile services brings our expedition services to your door step. We guarantee our work!

First Aid/CPR & AED Certification
Not only are our prices competitive, we offer mobile certification. With the difficulties of scheduling around clients, staff and the needs of your facility – we bring the ease to you! Our instructors come prepared with materials, participation booklets, manikins, portable TV/VCR combo and instructional videos. With the high cost of Workers’ Compensation Insurance, our mobile service is an added benefit because while your staff is driving to a class; by law, they are on the clock. The potential risk of you paying for a car accident is then eliminated. All instructors are licensed through the American Red Cross.

Weekend Excursion/Event Planning
As Recreational Therapist Consultants, C.A.S., Inc.’s staff provides weekend excursions for developmentally disabled and elderly clients with the goal of assisting clients in making life decisions regarding everyday matters, entertainment and leisure. Our goal is for the client to have a major role in choosing activities and events. We help our clients form friendships and caring relationships to build community support while become a part of mainstream society. We offer stability and comfort in our program that reflects the client’s age, ability and cultural preference. Overall, clients are treated with respect and dignity. Such excursions include: Las Vegas, Harbor cruises, Group Activities, Visits to the Zoo, Movie outings, Mexican Baja Cruises, Spa Get-Aways, Disneyland, Sunday Brunch, San Francisco by train, Catalina Excursions and more!!!

Curb Appeal
This service is totally Title 22 and CCL compliant and offers File Maintenance, Home Repair, Home Maintenance, Yard Work, Debris Removal and Disposal, Interior Design and House Cleaning. Prior to your annual inspection, our staff will come out and see to it that not only is your facility up to code but also that your files and records are maintained. We will paint, repair holes, repair drywall, do deep Spring cleaning, clean carpets, prep. and outfit new facilities for pre-licensing visit, replace smoke detectors, windows, screens, base board repair, light roofing, exterior painting and more - leaving no stone unturned.

We started the job placement wing of our business due to the growing need for quality residential care. Our goal is to offer trained, certified and capable AM, PM and live-in staff. We hope to serve you by eliminating issues of inept staff and the high turn over that many facilities encounter. C.A.S., Inc. understands that a facilities license, reputation and standing is as fragile as its weakest employee. We created this service not only to reduce the risk and liability, but to offer the quality care clients/consumers deserve.

As a general service agency, we select the most qualified individuals to cover your facility with Administrator placements and professional positions together with facility managers, clerical support, labor and direct care staff. This service is offered at a one time placement fee.

Within this division of our corporation, we also offer respite staffing. In the event that you have a staff that is on maternity leave, out on medical leave or you yourself need a little rest and relaxation, we offer temporary staffing. C.A.S., Inc.'s staff are all licensed Administrators, certified in first aid & CPR, they are fingerprinted, have current health screening and T.B. test and have Year I and/or Year II DSP.

35 Hour ARF Administrator Initial Certification
Coming soon as a vendored service through the Department of Social Services.

With the overview of the various services we offer, we trust that our reputation precedes us and know that we can be a viable asset to your establishment. Within our staff of more than 20, C.A.S., Inc’s employees have pre-existing expertise in the various services we offer; from staffing to carpentry